Purpose Of Life: A Selfless Thought

Every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your [full] compensation on the Day of Resurrection. So he who is drawn away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise has attained [his desire]. And what is the life of this world except the enjoyment of delusion. 3:185 Surah Al-Imran

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Time and worldly things are the creation of our brain. They are finite. we created them for our self-ego. Imagine if a first human comes to Earth and asks a creature about tie and place. the answer from the creature would probably be his current time and place. Meaning the passing of day and night reminding us that time is are fictional and uncertain as there is only one who is real and certain, rest is just his creation.

The brain is the intellect, a collection of figures transformed into memories that we have gathered over time and the mass that we have gathered in our bodies. Both are our doings.

You can only understand the need for the job when you don’t have one. You only coincides with the worldly things when you don't understand your purpose in life. Life is much more than the body and the brain. It's hard to compare thoughts between two individuals, one who finds its purpose and the one who understands the only one thing and that is SELF. You can never compare the two because of the difference od point of consciousness

There are many religions Judaism, Christian, Sikhism, and Islam. They all teach one thing and that is “One God”. You will find people who will use their own self created intellect to try to counter the reality but they are actually distant from their soul. Their example is like a flute who is distant from its plant. Only the flute can understand the pain of being taken away or the people who have had the same experience. It isn’t serendipity but an actual fact.

Understand the thought of a drop that evaporates into the sky. first, it wanders in the sky until it takes refuge in clouds and thinks that it has found its destiny until it rains and directs it towards the earth. It lands in the mountains until the realizes occur that this is still not its final place then it goes through the waterfall, Nala, lake and go into the river, and thought that finally, I found my destiny. Till the river flows and mix into the sea and it realizes that this is the end of my journey.

Our example is like that drop. One who is distant from oneself, its soul and its existence then it spends its entire life in Restlessness for the purpose of meeting itself. All these Restlessness, the journey of this worldly life is actually the story of reaching the final destination where the curtains fall between the creator and you.

Understanding the actual purpose of life lies the answer to all the problems and why death is imminent. Rumi explains this quite well in “Masnavi” the actual journey by referring it to a drop of water.

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All these worldly things are just a creation of human wishes. In a graveyard, we can never differentiate between the president or a citizen and rich or poor. All fits in one cloth. Some die in the restlessness journey of searching and some connect to the soul and know what finite and what not.

We all are like shepherds on a path and we surely will be questioned about our flocks. we will be questioned about our flocks, will be questioned about the people that we left behind in this world, what we have done. People believe that the life of this world is an individual one but we were not created in this way. When a person died, He will be remembered for only a couple of hours. The history only remembers the two kinds, the one who has done something for the people and the other who only created evil.

Whatever we do in this life has an impact on the surroundings and the people. we will surely be questioned about our doings, what was our purpose? our flocks, How we inspire other people, which leads me to ask the question.

How do you want to be remembered after you die?



Full-stack developer♟. Expressing my thoughts and opinions on tech and life. https://www.uxdkhan.com

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Khan Mohsin

Full-stack developer♟. Expressing my thoughts and opinions on tech and life. https://www.uxdkhan.com